relating to Y.W.C.A. Clapham House

100 John Dobson Street, Newcastle upon Tyne

Telephone Number 0191 261 0134



In these Rules

“The House”                   means              Clapham House

“The Premises”              means              the premises at Clapham House occupied by the

Residentwhether under a Tenancy or Licence [and includes, in the caseof a Tenancy of a “Cluster Flat”, any shared Accommodation astherein defined].

“The Resident”               means              the person occupying the premises.

“The Association”           means  The North Eastern Y.W.C.A. Trustees Limited

  1. Management

The running of the House is the responsibility of the Association.  Responsibility is delegated to the House Manager and the General Manager.  These rules may be varied from time to time.

  1. Notice:

    Rent is payable on the terms in their contract. If keys are not returned to the Office by 00 noon on the Monday of departure, the Resident will be responsible for one weeks’ rent commencing on that Monday.  Keys must be return to the Office or deposited in the Office Post Box near the front entrance and not left with other residents.

  1. Lodgers:

    Residents may not take in lodgers. Rooms cannot be let out to friends or any other third party during the absence of a Resident.

  1. Visitors:

    Visitors are welcome but may not stay overnight.

  1. Next of Kin:

    The name, address and telephone number of the Resident’s next of kin must be supplied to the office. Any change of address of the next of kin must be notified.

  1. V. Sets:

    Aerial sockets are provided in the sitting rooms. Outdoor aerials are not allowed.  TV Licences are the responsibility of the Resident.

  1. Pets:

    Pets are not allowed to be kept on the premises.

  1. Noise:

    Residents must not permit any singing or the playing of any musical instrument or radio or other noise on the Premises between 11.00 p.m. and 7.30 a.m.

  1. Keys:

    Each student will be given a bedroom key, mailbox key and a vingcard for flat door, if they are lost or stolen they must be reported immediately, there will be a cost of £25 for each key and £1.50 for a vingcard.

  1. Domestic Arrangements:

    All rooms will be inspected once a week by the Association to check for defects, which will be dealt with promptly. Residents are requested:-

  1. To help the domestic staff by keeping rooms tidy.
  1. To use only blue-tack for fixing posters to walls etc. Residents will be responsible for any damage caused by the use of other fixatives.
  1. To leave the kitchen tidy.
  1. To remove all kitchen and similar refuse from the Premises daily and to deposit it in the bins provided in the refuse store.
  2. Laundry: Washing of clothes must be restricted to the Laundry. Every care should be taken when using the laundry equipment and any damage should be reported at once to the Association or to the Caretaker on duty.  No washing is to be hung in bedrooms, the roof area, and corridors or out of windows.
  1. Furniture and Fittings:

    No furniture or machinery may be brought on to the Premises without the permission of the Association. Residents are not allowed to change the Association’s curtains without the prior permission of the Association.

  1. Heating:

    Residents must not install or use any paraffin gas heaters or similar heating other than that approved by the Association

  1. Cars:

    Parking is not permitted in the courtyard at any time other than for moving in or moving out purposes.

  1. Postal Parcels:

    Association staff are under no obligation to accept parcels from the Post Office or other carriers for Residents, Howeverif we sign for a parcel or letter we will then email the student to come and sign for it.

  1. Mail:

    Any mail wrongly delivered to a Resident should be passed to the office for re-direction.

  1. Dangerous Substances:

    Residents may not bring on to the Premises or into the House any drugs, chemicals or other dangerous noxious or inflammable substances.

  1. Bicycles:

    Residents may not bring bicycles, perambulators or similar objects into the House nor otherwise cause or permit any obstruction to the common entrance hall, staircases or passages.

There is a cycle stand outside of B block for cycles which is covered by our CCTV.

  1. Window Boxes Etc:

    Residents may not place or affix any window boxes, flower pots, sunblind, canopies or similar articles to the exterior of the Premises.

  1. Main Entrance:

    The main entrance leading to the reception area is not to be used by Residents at any time other than for office business. Locks have been fitted to these doors because inconsiderate Residents left them open during night hours.

  1. Windows:

    These are on swivel hinges for easy cleaning. Residents must keep the windows clean both inside and outside.  The windows have a catch, which enables them to be locked in position to keep the windows open.

  1. Decoration:

    Tenants may not carry out any decoration.

  1. Cleaning:

    A cleaning charge will be levied for any additional cleaning which is necessary because Residents have not kept the Premises clean.

  1. Insurance:

    Students are insured while they have a contract within Clapham house, they will be sent a link via their email when they move in with information.

  1. Fire Precautions:

    Residents must familiarise themselves with the exhibited Fire Precaution notices. From time to time practise fire drills may be carried out.

  1. Loss Damage or Injury:

    The Association will not accept any responsibility for loss damage or injury caused by any equipment or fittings not supplied by and fitted by the Association.

  1. Variation of Rules:

    These rules may be varied from time to time.


  1. The Office

The office is open to residents for enquires and payment of rent on Mondays and Friday from 9.00 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. (except for lunch 12.30 p.m. to 1.00 p.m.):

There is an external post box sited in the wall to the left of the main entrance where rent etc. can be left out of office hours.  In special circumstances alternative arrangements can be made subject to the prior agreement of the House Manager.

  1. Locks:Residents must remember that they will need their key to open the door of the Premises if the door has been left in the locking position.
  1. Water Heaters:These are on White Meter tariff for cheaper electricity. Where applicable Residents should ensure that the meter clock is set correctly between 1.00 a.m. and 7.00 a.m. to avoid large electricity bills.
  1. Local Surgery:Residents are advised that a Doctors Surgery is situated in Saville Place and it is in their own interests to register there or at another surgery of their own choice.
  1. Emergency:Out of hours there are two resident Caretakers.
  1. Charter: A copy of the charter for housing association applicants and residents is provided in each bedroom and should not be removed.
  1. Complaints:The Association has in place a clear procedure for dealing with any complaint raised by a tenant or licensee. If any tenant or licensee wishes to make a complaint about perceived failures on the part of the Association or its staff, they have the right to bring such to the attention of the Association.

The complainant should take the following action: –

  1. Request an interview with the House Manager to initially discuss the nature of the complaint to ascertain whether it may be mutually resolved.
  1. If it is not possible to resolve the matter then the complainant should write formally to the Company Secretary at the Association’s Registered Office, Jesmond House, Clayton Road, Newcastle upon Tyne NE21UJ
  1. If the matter remains unresolved it may be brought to the attention of the Board of Governors for consideration and decision.
  1. The Company Secretary will notify the findings and decision of the board to the complainant in writing.
  1. If the complainant feels the matter remains unresolved he or she has the right to resort to the Housing Ombudsman Service, The complainant should write directly to them at 105-109 Strand, London, WC2R 0BR.
  1. The Association will of course do everything possible to resolve all complaints satisfactorily on the basis of the full facts and nature of the complaint within its own procedural guidelines.

It is the aim of the Association where possible to consider a complaint within 14 days of the date it is made.


The North Eastern Y.W.C.A. Trustees Ltd

A Company Limited by Guarantee                 Registered in England No 702712

Registered Office: Jesmond House, Clayton Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 1UJ

Housing Corporation Registered No H2168                 Charity Registration No 201653

VAT registration No 499 7268 65